Anyone been to a Hard Rock Cafe in the last five years or so?

Does Planet Hollywood still exist?

I walked past the one in Antwerp the other day but wasn’t even remotely tempted to go inside

I’ve never actually been in one!

@casinobay i think

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Think the only time I’ve been in one is when I was doing an inset day at Trent Uni. Sooooo…12 years ago?
Are they called inset days? I’m not sure they are. Think I might be confused.

My uncle took me and the TV to the one in Asunción in 2015. It was overpriced obviously and whenever Lonely Boy by the Black Keys played the waiters had to dance on the bar.

The one on Haymarket in London is still always busy, somewhat inexplicably.

The very first time I went to London I insisted my dad take me to a Hard Rock Cafe, because a friend of his had given me a t-shirt with their logo on and I thought it was the coolest thing ever. We went and I had a double burger with fries and I was almost sick eating it all. Then we got on the tube and went to the Natural History Museum and I saw the dinosaurs. It was easily the best weekend of my life. Obviously I was only 21 at the time.


I think I only just realised Hard Rock Cafe and Planet Hollywood were different places. I think the last time I thought about them was probably when I was about 12 or 13, and they both got filed under the same “that place that sells expensive burgers with the guitars” mental category.

I walked past one in Amsterdam the other day, plus also a panda pops version, called something like the ‘Cafe Rock Music.’ I’ll see if I can find out where it was.

That sounds like Hell on Earth.

I have never been in one but have walked past the one in Barcelona approximately sixty times. I may go in the next time I am there.

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I think he had this idea that we’d feel more at home with expensive burgers and chips and a cocktail menu written in English when we would’ve been much happier at an asado restaurant gorging on chicken hearts

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I went to Planet Hollywood as a kid, I absolutely loved it.

I went to the Hard Rock Café in Heidelberg because I was at a week-long conference, was absolutely sick to the back teeth of human contact, and figured it was the least likely place to bump into anyone from the conference.

It worked.


Think I went to the one in Malta’s airport, which was mostly due the the paucity of other dining options.

Yip, I was in the one in Andorra about 6 days ago.

I went to one in Saigon (oooh get me) and it was fucking shit. Both the worst food and most expensive food I ate in the country.

Rainforest cafe is superior.