Anyone been to Banana Tree in Angel (London)?



I don’t think I have been to any of the Banana Tree branches. And I do not intend on doing so.


Need somewhere to eat before Mew and somewhere relatively cheap is good as I’ve spent loads on booze and getting mugged this month

Reckon there are better options.

go to the all you can eat veggie cuzza place if you need somewhere in Angel

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Which one?

All you can eat doesn’t sound appealing pre gig at lunch

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ah, fair enough

think it’s called “Indian veg” or something. been ages since i’ve been.

I have been to a banana tree in oxford before a couple of times and it was perfectly fine. They have good satay sauce.

no, but there’s a great chinese buffet about 10 metres from there that I would frequent during my salad days.

went to that branch, had a beef dish, was bloody good

can’t remember any other details

It’s fine but not spectacular.

Get yourself down here -

Really cheap, really quick, really nice. Really.


I went there once before a gig. Out of the ten of us that met up there, four of us couldn’t manage to actually go to the gig because we’d greedily eaten so much that we could barely stand up and couldn’t fit even one beer in our distended bellies, we were almost in pain from the overeating. The shame…

Yeah saw that one too - looks good but I have that kind of food quite a lot. Cheers though!

Did this once before a gig in Nottingham at an Ethiopian. 4 injera bread is too much (and insane)


Always thought Angel has a disproportionate number of Burrito restaurants for its size/population. Obviously this is a very good thing.

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yes, it is where I spilled wine all over my tshirt as I recounted in the spilling your pint thread yesterday. it is perfectly fine. cheers.