Anyone been to spaghetti junction?

My first day in months without a college assignment or work hanging over my head and I’m putting it to good use: Looking up different ‘spaghetti junctions’ from around the world.

Indonesia’s is my favourite so far:

Big fan

Actually was in Birmingham last weekend. Nice 2 days.

Ho-siid noodle bar (Taiwanese)
Liquor Store
Xing Fu Tang Tea
Elio Café
Medicine Bakery (3 or 4 spots)
Sushi Passion
Gup Shup (Sando)
Land Restaurant
The Canal House Bar & Restaurant
Tiger Bites Pig (Bao)
Yorks Cafe & Coffee Roasters (Brunch)
Wayland’s Yard (Brunch)
Indian Brewery Snowhill
Purecraft Bar & Kitchen (Scotch Egg!)
Plant and Pulse
Bonehead Chicken
Original Patty Men

Walk along the Canal to The Wharf / Brindley Place, Library of Birmingham, Birmingham Town Hall, Ikon Gallery + St. Philip’s Cathedral for other things to wander around.


Did you spend the weekend just constantly eating?

Kinda. :sweat_smile: Lots of places were just in and out for one specific item.

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Might go to Gup Shup for lunch actually