Anyone been to the dentist since lockdown?

feel like i’m very due to go but absolutely dreading it at the moment.

what you sayin

  • probably fine
  • wouldn’t go unless i really needed to
  • don’t gooo noooooooo

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was gona wait til 2:30 to post this but cba

I’m not going to pull a tooth out myself or anything like that, but if I don’t have any urgent dental problems that I know of, I won’t be going until it’s very low risk, eg I’ve been vaccinated.

My dentist gives me such a hard time that I can’t face an appointment but know I should and know the longer I don’t go the more grief he’ll give me

But also he’ll make me book a hygienist appointment and that is one sadistic bastard

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Bit of my tooth fell out a few weeks ago lol, so kinda had no choice

Got scheduled in for an emergency temporary filling, was in and out within 10 mins, everyone in masks, didn’t touch any surfaces while I was there and they had sanitiser at the door

Wouldn’t go for a check up but felt totally comfy being there and will go again as soon as I can to get the proper filling done

Ever since I had a tooth problem that lasted a good few years, I’ve made sure that I go to the dentist every 6 months without fail. I’m a bit torn this time, though I feel it’d be better for me to go now when infection rates are low.

Would it help to call the dentist and check what they’re doing in terms of risk reduction?

Overdue for my checkup and even though I really, really fancy my dentist I’m going to leave it for a bit.

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Yeah I’ve had an infected gum for like a year now, quite happy to wait though.

Nooooo go see a dentist please!

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I’m not even registered anywhere atm, nightmare.

Ah yeah, finding a dentist with spaces is the worst part. I massively lucked out in Brighton, so many of my friends have had to go private.

had a wisdom tooth infection about a month ago, they didn’t let me come in and sent me to a pharmacy to get some antibiotics instead

Corona, or they just really dislike you?

Got my six month check up in three weeks. I presume it’ll be cancelled. Don’t need anything don’t so will leave the slots for those who need it.

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officially corona, but it was clearly a convenient excuse


Filling came out just before full lockdown. Dentist saw me, said it looked bloody awful, put a temporary dressing on it and booked me in for a month later. That appointment was cancelled, temporary dressing came out, can’t face going now. Think it’s going to cost me money I haven’t got, and pain I don’t want.

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My other half had to go and had a panic attack while she was there, which meant that the dentist didn’t look at everything properly and that she had to go back the following week when something else flared up

I have to go in September for a checkup and hygienist, I would like to cancel but it just seems way too embarrassing so I’ll just risk dying instead probably

It’s a voice at the back of my head, but I need to do it.

Glad I’m on NHS. I deliver to a couple of dentists. One is so rich he bought his mum a top of the range Bentley just as a casual present flol.

He’s a nice bloke though, his wife always gives me her home cooked Indian food. She’s a great cook. Quite sexy as well…

Had a missed call from the tooth doctor last night wanting to know if I wanted an appointment. Dreading it tbh. I’m overdue and would have to see the hygienist as well, fuck that.