Anyone been to the dentist since lockdown?

Had a missed call from the tooth doctor last night wanting to know if I wanted an appointment. Dreading it tbh. I’m overdue and would have to see the hygienist as well, fuck that.

Accidentally took out dental insurance for £30 a month with work and I can’t change it until March so I’m gonna have to go soon to get my money’s worth. Not happy about it but there you go.

Had tooth ache for 3 weeks but work has been busy. Called my dentist yesterday and their computers were down. But they took all my details. Whether I had COVID or had anyone in the house had COVID. They asked my pain score. They called me today they are seeing me at 9am on Thursday. :crossed_fingers:t3:

I missed a tooth whitening appointment 15th of march which I really want to reschedule but I’m scared. It was one of those groupon ones in central London for about £60 and I dont want it to go to waste. Will just wait. Luckily saw a hygienist this year already

Desperately need an appointment. Should probs also go to the gp soon

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I’ve had a video call with a GP and it worked pretty well, except that it was about my skin and the video wasn’t high quality enough for the GP to see it properly and so the whole thing was a bit of a waste of time. But other than that: flawless.

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