Anyone been to Valencia? 🇪🇸

If so please share recommendations, tips, places to stay and go. Are there any boat trips?
I love a boat trip.


Love Valencia.

Do you have it booked already? Las Fallas finished last night, which is the big week-long pyrotechnic festival that ends with the burning of hundreds of neighbourhood ‘statues’ on the 19th March. During that week it gets very crowded, but it’s a lot of fun if you like flames and firecrackers.

I would recommend getting a Valencia Tourist Card, which will get you free travel around the city and discounted entry to lots of places:

We stayed here, and it was a perfect little apartment in the old city:

The old city centre (within the city walls) has lots of streets that are perfect for walking. Must-sees in this area are the central market, La Lonja de la Seda, the Cathedral, and the bars of the El Carmen neighbourhood.

To the south of the old city, by the train station, there’s the Mercat de Colon, which has some of the best orxata de xufa and fartons in the city. Nearby Russafa has lots of good bars and coffee shops - it’s a bit less touristy too. If you’re vegetarian, then the best veggie restaurant in the city, Copenhagen, is in this part of town.

The old river bed has been drained an turned into a park. You can walk or cycle along it to the coast, or catch the tram there instead. When you’re there, you can go to the beach (and have paella in one of the restaurants facing the sea), and also visit the Calatrava-designed buildings and bridges of the City of Arts & Sciences, such as the science museum and concert hall (if you can get on a tour of the latter, it’s worth doing).


Long time since I went so no specific recommendations really apart from to say generally I loved it and the green spaces are wonderful. As mentioned the river bed park is amazing and the botanical park + other smaller parks around the city make for lots of beautiful green space.

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Great city to just walk about in. I liked this bar

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Great place, been twice and would go again in a heartbeat. I second Rusafa for great, laid-back bars, great tapas and also lots of good food from all over the world. More centrally Cafe de las Horas is a really nice poncey cocktail bar, can’t beat it.

The botanical gardens cost me 1€, were amazing and had lots of stray cats wandering around :black_cat:

The Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias is hugely impressive architecturally but wasn’t blown away by the actual museums and things there. The Museu de Belles Arts is my fav out of all the museums, it’s a nice building.

We were gonna go on a boat trip but ran out of money :cry:

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Great city. Nothing to add in terms of sights - the biggest draw is clearly the city of arts and sciences but the centre is lovely too (and very walkable). We went to the science museum and the zoo and enjoyed both. Only thing not noted yet is the beach which is both incredible and super close to the city. Simple to reach via the tram and worth a day out (or 2). Lots of nice bars etc along the promenade there too. We stayed in a fairly large hotel near the park marckee mentions (think it was here actually, though it looks fancier & more spenny than I remember): Hotel SH Valencia Palace in Valencia | Official Website (


I’m going there tomorrow.

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Drink loads of Agua De Valencia. Cycle round the park. Go to the Bioparc.

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Our hotel is right on the beach just down from my brother in law in cabanal. Unfortunately forecast is for solid rain for the next three days. I’ve flown Gatwick to Valencia a couple of times in Microsoft flight simulator in the last week or so, so I reckon I can land us ok if we get hijacked unless the plane isn’t an A320.

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Cava at the Calatrava opera house
Mercado de Colon
Albufera Nature Reserve and the old riverbed Park.

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Pork pie

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  • Second option but telling Mrs f that I’m doing it

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Go to the club in the Artes y Ciencias place and stay until sunrise - one of the highlights of my multiple visits on exchanges/weekends there

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Put it in Mrs F’s hold luggage

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Update: pork pie successfully smuggled. Brexit works!


Well the best advice I can give about Valencia at the moment is don’t come in this specific week! Very cloudy, very windy and it’s about to rain again for about three days. Very very unusual weather.

That’s probably because the UK is currently basking in sunshine.

I’m well aware of that. It was when I left. However the two are not really that related meteorologist speaking.

Defo take a bus down to Albufera - lovely boat trip across the lagoon + famed for its paella.

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