Anyone bought a fridge recently?

Is it good? Where from? They’ve all got really bad energy ratings, I mean I guess that’s kind of expected, it’s a fridge

just to clarify, I am in market for a fridge-freezer. I didn’t specify the freezer bit

In my student house the fridge was in the hallway next to the stairs. I also had curtains which had corn on the cobs as a design


Very happy with the Miele fridge freezer we bought when we moved in here fifteen years ago. Not cheap but still going strong

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Yes, last year. It’s an American style monstrosity. Kind of love it but it’s not the most practical thing.

It wouldn’t fit through our front door. Luckily we could get it in via the garden but the delivery guys told us it was very common people would order US style fridges only for their to be no way to get them into the house.


We went for a beko one, it’s fine. It’s only been… maybe 5 years since we got it and no issues so far.

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Got one from AO a while ago, delivered very quickly but then they kept ringing up to try and sell insurance on it.

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My family has been on the samsung fridges for ages now, they’re really good (the american style double doors one)

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Oh yeah that was a great thread


Was hoping someone would be dissatisfied with their fridge if I’m being completely honest

Got a hisense one because it was cheaper than yer Samsungs and yer Smegs. And let me tell you, does it keep my food cool without frosting? Hell yes it does.

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I will say I did find a big chunk of mouldy ice at the back of my fridge yesterday.

So maybe don’t get a beko. Haha.

I have a fridge that has a freezer drawer at the top, making everything else in the fridge too cold, it’s quite distressing.

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Sort of, bought a flat that came with a fridge

thank you for being honest

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My girlfriend left the freezer door open recently. I was angry at first but now it’s just water under the fridge





i was defrosting our old one and there was some stubborn ice in the freezer bit so i got a screwdriver to chip it off but i punctured the wall thing and a load of hissy gas filled the room and the freezer was no more