Anyone doing the GCHQ £50 note Alan Turing puzzle?

I did the first six then decided I couldn’t be arsed trying to work out the seventh. I bore easily, but it beats working.

completed it

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i don’t understand the second one which is just a picture of him

Think I’m giving myself eye strain doing puzzle 3

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Wait till you get to 4. I literally had to copy it into Paint and test the RGB values of the squares to work out which ones were actually the same colour.

Ignore that picture of him.

Concentrate on everything else on that page.

are you meant to work out the morse code bit? fuck that

It’s not Morse Code. Like I said “everything else”.

i’m too tired for this

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Have a go at seven then and tell me the answer.

yeah i figured out what they wanted you to do but cba


It was Alan Turing

Easiest magic eye I ever saw



i’ve got it now but i don’t understand the relevance of the word. do you put all the words from each puzzle together?

oh you do

didn’t read the instructions


Oh go on

I don’t want to have to ask Joke

(i had a look at 7 and don’t have a clue)

You know what I have literally just got it.

Got eight now too, but was basically guessing.