Anyone doing the GCHQ £50 note Alan Turing puzzle?

two’s easy because there isn’t actually anything to solve, therefore no word.



Well done @anon50098204, you’ve just lost us WWII.


that’s our evening sorted then. I’m ignoring this thread until we’d had a crack at it.

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I’ve managed to find a way to reason to the answer to 8 now.

9 has me totally stumped though.

Stuck on 7 atm

Don’t want GCHQ knowing how amazing I am at doing Turing puzzles tbh.


Well puzzle 6 is disappointingly boring and not fun at all. Let’s just find the answer to some questions and try and jam them into a deliberately awkward shape somehow?

I’d pretty much worked out what the word was before I’d finished filling it in. The hat definition is a bit poorly defined and finding the name of the satellite became a point of pride for me, rather than necessary.

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I don’t know if I was just tired by that point but I cba. I’ll return to it tonight. Honestly though I hardly knew any of the answers to those questions! Not really a fan of puzzlers that require so much general knowledge.

I think the assumption is that you’ll Google, and it still requires a moderate amount of skill to get that right. The bulk of the puzzle is then in fitting the words I think.

Too many of these puzzles really need a printout to solve. Not sure I can do the chess one with just a screenshot in Paint 3D.

my wife printed out the flower diagrams for puzzle 5 and then cba but I wanted to do it and had a pad on me so I wrote it all out instead! Just one word per line until it wrapped around, was probably easier to read tbh.

5 I did in Notepad, 6 in Paint 3D, 8 in Excel

ah, wasn’t sat at my PC. I spend all day at my PC doing work it’s just nice to sit in the living room on the sofa but it probably would have been easier on the PC

It’s actually a lot simpler and more basic than it looks.

I’ve worked out the piece positions in 10, and all the answers to the questions, but…

I’m getting really annoyed at this number 10 now.


Why are there the same number of squares of each colour as there are letters in the clue answer? WHY?

Potentially bigger spoiler

Think the answer might be FLORINS but I can’t justify it.

I’ve worked out what the overall theme is now and how to solve puzzle 12. Just need a couple more of the other answers.

Done number 11 now too. So only number 9 still for me to get, and it might actually be easier for me to try and guess the answer than solve it. Also don’t know how to sort my final answers, because some of them seem to be equal…