Anyone done/doing self defence classes?


something I’d like to get into, I reckon.

be nice to be able to defend yourself in a tight situation innit.

had a few ‘lessons’ a number of years back as some chump was after me and wanted to ‘rip my head off my shoulders’

stuff like getting out of choke-holds and karate-chopping their windpipe etc. also got given a wooden sword, which made me feel a whole lot safer at home, I can tell ya.

thoughts on this?


Don’t think I’m cut out for hand-to-hand combat pal. Can take a punch like a champ, got a cast-iron chin but I can’t dish it out.


I’m talking more about getting out of situations, bud. not aggressive action on your part


Yeah, can see why it would be useful in that respect. Go for it! (Might meet some new people for the ol’ dating thing as well while you’re at it)


I just rely on my natural warrior instincts.


chris_is_cool knows how to beat a man off


done a bit of aikido, and now doing boxing. definitely the former was worth learning for getting out of a tight space. boxing wouldn’t do much as if you throw a proper punch and it does damage you’ll be charged in most situ’s i reckon


yeah, but if you’re a boxer, or understand the basics at least, you’ll know how to land a beautiful, but non-deadly punch, no? dig to the ribs, or something.


“Where’s my sandwich?”


yeah. i mean it’s good for knowing how to move out the way of a punch too, and guard decently tbh. i really love it and boxing is cheap to learn, you should give it a go fella


Jiu Jitsu


I’d love to test this out if I could?


Nah man (although interestingly one of the times it has been tested was from a close friend mistaking me for an assailant)


Oh go on


plus, you’ve just got one of those faces!

I don’t know what your face is, despite playing footie together once


My face is like a child’s


If you punch someone and hurt them, you’d be okay provided you used ‘reasonable force’ - and that’s up to a jury to decide.

“If there has been an attack so that self defence is reasonably necessary, it will be recognised that a person defending himself cannot weigh to a nicety the exact measure of his defensive action. If the jury thought that that in a moment of unexpected anguish a person attacked had only done what he honestly and instinctively thought necessary, that would be the most potent evidence that only reasonable defensive action had been taken …”

If someone attacked you, protecting yourself in the moment is more important than potentially getting nicked later on. Hit them.

I thought aikido was kind of pointless? Saw some demos at uni and it looked too choreographed and compliant to be useful. Happy to be shown YouTube clips of Steven Seagal aikido-ing people in the face to prove otherwise.


Aikido can definitely feel choreographed but that’s because it’s like when you’re learning set phrases in a language - you seldom ask where the swimming pool is but you have learned multiple things about using the language correctly by learning like that. Same with aikido. No one grabs you in the way a demo ‘assailant’ would, but you learn to adapt