Anyone done part time courses from home?


Thinking of doing one for accountancy. How didnyou find it, stressful, worthwhile, time consuming?


Did an OU degree, very different from the first degree. I got caught up in it, had very little life to myself, now look back on it and wonder what I was at, then I started that thread about wondering what you were doing with periods of your life.

If you’re doing it for a few months or whatever, then it’ll be fine. The hardest part for me was studying after work.


I wouldn’t bother. You can learn pretty much everything you need to know on the internet. I guess at a push you could pay to take the exam, but to hell with paying for tutoring. Just torrent the textbooks and learn everything you need to know.


I’ve been considering taking one for a while. Need a postgrad in a relevant subject to progress in the area I work in. I just don’t think I could hack studying after work and giving up one of the days on my weekend. I’d have to do that constantly for about two years. Think I’ll just go back to Uni and get it all done in 9 months.

It’s alright saying ‘just learn it from a book’ on here, but in an interview a degree certificate is a bit more useful.


I studied for my masters full time whilst also working full time. It was without a doubt one of the most stressful things I’ve ever done. That said, I’m really glad I did it.

I know that isnt quite what you asked, so my more relevant answer is if you’re happy/willing to make some sacrifices in your life for a short while and having the qualification will likely lead to a better job then go for it.


Yup. It was good, although I did one through the local college which had weekly, optional tutorials. To be honest, I probably couldn’t have done it without those - It gave it a pace and some structure which I very much needed because I’ve a lazy bastard.


is it for a professional qualification?


Yep the AAT


honestly i’d say it depends on your level of concentration/ self-discipline

i’ve one more cima exam to complete so i’ve studied a fair bit, a mixture of being in college (when i’ve found an employer to pay for me) and self study.

it’s easy to just not self study - let’s be honest it’s a boring subject and anything else becomes more attractive, beer, tv, football even tidying up gets in the way. when going to college at least i’ve no option but to listen.

my tip would be to study where there’s no distractions. my work has a business lounge so i tend to go there.

colleges have live online courses now, where you skype (or whatever the kids do these days) in. i’d probably do a few of those if i was starting now. you’ve probably seen that tuition providers are expensive.

in conclusion, sorry i’m no help. but good luck, and if there’s anything i can help with gimme a shout.


Cheers ! I know itl be a slog but that helps, thanks