Anyone done the Yerevan to Tbilisi night train?

Thinking of doing a trip next year. East Mids to Berlin to Yerevan, night train to Tbilisi, then Milan then back to East Mids. Anyone done that specific trip in that order?

I’m on it right now


I actually have :slight_smile:
If you’re planning on going to azerbaijan make sure you go there before armenia, as they’re actually at war and azerbaijan won’t let you in if you have an armenian stamp on the passport. Fine in the other direction though.

Also Yerevan is fucking wicked.

Yer man, Yerevan, a canal, Panama

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I’ve been to Milan. If that helps

i went to blackpool once

drove though, didn’t get the train.

Yeah think I’ll give Azerbaijan a miss. The reason I’ve picked that route is due to flights - gonna spend 2-3 days in all those places. I’ll pop down to Nagorno Karabakh for the day too I think.

This is very helpful information, cheers! I’m hoping to do the Caucasian countries in the next few years and didn’t realise this :slight_smile:

We went gerogia - armenia - georgia - azerbaijan last year (night trains from tbilisi to yerevan and baku, but ended up being driven over 2-3 days from yerevan back to tbilisi), and whilst the azeri border guards weren’t exactly pleased to see the armenian stamp (asked us a few questions, mainly along the ‘why were you there, are you a journalist’ front), they didn’t seem particularly surprised, and we got through fine.

We were told not about an hour before getting on the train to Baku not to take any armenian booze or religious stuff with us though, so we had to decant our 3 bottles of armenian booze, and hide the ‘Churches of Armenia 2019 Calendar’ we’d bought.

I’ll pick you one up for 2020?

cheers pal, was trying to figure out how we’d get one for next year

No but I would love to.

Anyone done the Trans Siberian Express? I’m yet to find anyone daft enough to sit on a train with me for a week without anyone else who speaks English.

a classic for the almanac

There’s an ex DiSser who went on it. Most of his anecdotes seemed to involve being given homemade vodka by friendly Russians.

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Excellent. Something I read about it once said take a pack of cards so if you can’t speak Russian you can at least speak the language of cards.

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Someone I knew got marched off at gun point due to a visa issue

Didn’t bribe the right people?

Probably. Another mate got smacked in the face with a butt of a gun on the way to Kiev but knowing him he probably deserved it.

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I did the trans-manchurian (same as siberian except turns south to Beijing a day or so before it would otherwise get the vladivostock), I really really loved it, spent most of the time in a weird 4 hour cycle of snoozing, looking out the window, reading, or chatting.

I was kind of on my own, but I met a guy staying at my hostel who had booked his tickets through the same Russian travel agents, so we got talking and managed to get an old Russian lady in my cabin to swap with him (there was an old russian lady in his cabin too, and whenever we looked in they were always talking). It was a bit crazy, met some extreme russian cyclists who were on their way to SE Asia to race each other from Vietnam to Thailand. One of them shared black bread and his wife’s homemade lard with us in exchange for my vodka, and we got hammered together. He gave me some of his cycling medals.

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