Anyone eating "Lunch" today?

Currently awaiting the arrival of the salad man, may have a soup also.


Had a massive chicken breast, with two (2) kinds of bean on the side.

I need to not talk to my usual canteen griping colleague on chicken day because she always says things like “these breasts are MASSIVE” and she isn’t doing a joke and I don’t trust myself to not be all “fnarrrrrrrrr”.

Left my banana on the canteen tray, so that’s the afternoon cancelled.

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What kind of bean

Baked, green.

Together :open_mouth: that’s unheard of.


had some pasta and pesto rosso


I’m not allowed chips so I wanted something a bit carby. Baked beans were the best option from what was available.

Last night’s Chinese beef with peppers and rice and a banana (sorry eps) and an irn bru extra. Beef was delicious.

  • egg and avocado wrap with sriracha
  • carrot and butternut soup

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thanks in advance

yes, just had some porridge

Why not both?

I’m afraid this does not qualify.

Toast for me

it is my afternoon meal and therefore lunch!

Some pasta

Yes, I am.

frugal grocery budgeting

Halloumi chickpea salad, tomato and red lentil soup :drooling_face:


that salad homemade?

Blue cheese tart and green beans, with fuckloads of pepper added as is proper.

Debating whether to get fruit, a Twirl or a homebake type thing

  • Fruit
  • Twirl
  • Baked good

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