Anyone else a borderline mute


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I used to be but I got over it

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I talk quite a bit but am more and more of a loner in my free time, and that’s how I like it. Spend all week with people at work, lots of time with the kids etc. Have absolutely zero desire to hangout with people on the weekend at their houses, or my house or anywhere.
My wife really doesn’t get this “oh, you like it when you get there!”


Didn’t speak to anyone in my A-level classes, when I went to uni I went so long without speaking I think my vocal chords atrophied a little. Quite chatty with my pals though

like a donkey

Not even shy, just can’t think of stuff to say

I’m a good responder but an absolutely dismal starter


Used to worry about all social interactions and try and say exactly the right thing, which meant I hardly said anything at all.

As I get older, I increasingly give less of a fuck, and end up talking a lot more.

Having said that, if I’m in a group of more than 6 people or so, I clam up again.

Not so much mute, more very economic with my words.

No. If I’m not talking to someone I’m miming along with my music and I also talk to myself quite a bit.

In short, I am incredibly annoying.

Nope - I can talk absolute shit

Very relatable



Really hope this works

Bollocks! Can’t be arsed to try again

You’re not a dismal starter. THIS is a dismal starter:

you just need a few go to starters in your back pocket for when things fall silent

“So…how about those Atlanta Braves, huh?”



Always surprised when I see myself on film because its so quiet, whereas because at the time I was thinking a lot I don’t remember it being quiet