Anyone else currently going through servers trying to protect them from Ransomware?

It’s fucking boring.

A distant cousin, barely ever see him.

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Yes. I will probably do more harm than good.

Do I need to be worried about my old personal laptop that has almost no protection whatsoever?


If you connect it to the internet and it has stuff on that you don’t have backed up anywhere else then I guess yes

Tell me about it. This morning has been spent going through everyone’s client PC in my department and all the servers.

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from your posts on here you seem very knowledgeable about IT can you recommend a cheap and good way to protect my lap top? I used to have some of the free virus protection but I didn’t trust that. Sorry to ask a work related question but if you ever need any advice on mangoes you know where to come.

And one of the KVMs seems to have just broke. Ffs.

There’s a line in a Beastie Boys song “got more rhymes than jamaca got mangos”, is this an accurate statement?

i.e. the statement that one of the beasties are making

No, I was kind of hoping that it would absolutely have ruined everything when I got into work this morning and that there’d be no back ups so that I could blame anything bad on it in future.

Anyone still using XP?

  • No
  • Please rob me

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Someone is, meaning I’ve spent large periods of the day doing nothing


Verify that TCP ports 445, 137 and 139 and UDP ports 137
and 139 are blocked on the perimeter firewalls. This is a
good practice but verification is necessary. The primary
SMB port is TCP 445, but it can run over NetBIOS on both
TCP and UDP ports 137 and 139. Please note that blocking
these ports on internal firewalls may impact other normal
operations. The current version of this ransomware only
scans port 445 for vulnerable devices.

i.e. put your Windows Firewall on and lock the shit out of Port 445.

Also you should get this patch in place if you can:

Run Windows Update and look for everything and install it, really.

After that run Windows Defender or whatever the free AV software is.

Think sean should invest in some good ransomware for anyone hoping to post

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Many thanks Theo!