Anyone else enjoying the abolish restaurants discourse?

I’d imagine all crisps would be plain and then you’d make or get just the seasoning.

Wonder if that crisp restaurant would exist post capitalism?

Surely these little comrades are the most communist drug. If you wait til they’ve dropped spores you’re not even inconveniencing them by picking them.


can there be some elements of socialism which are still drug free pls

shall i start an abolish drugs thread


Oof. That’ll be a big one

socialism for squares

only joking I’m practically tee total when it comes to most drugs

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Have no fear, Keir is here

I’d be very interested in the arguments about this.

I will wash your plate, out of community spirit!

I also legit like doing the washing up

Quite funny that this article’s behind a paywall

When an incognito window doesn’t work I’m oot but i’d imagine working in Copenhagen’s as bad as working anywhere

I use this


oh sick ty

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I’ve heard and read that some of the famous elite restaurants in New York had and still have intentionally bad or mediocre food. Like so over-salted it’s nearly inedible. Must be an in-group thing and a way to intimidate and gaslight any non-elites who happen to eat there.

(The saltiness thing happened to me at the fanciest restaurant in my city. My brother insisted that’s how they do it at fancy restaurants in New York, where he had friends and visited a number of times. It was an office party, and I was the only one who got the vegetarian option. Ended up drinking a lot more wine that I intended, so maybe thirstiness was their intention with the salt. But why would people tolerate that at fancy restaurants in New York unless they were gaslighted?)

[I am too poor and phobic to travel. :cry:]

Surely the elites would have to eat terrible food too, though? Or do you mean they serve the nice stuff up to the elites?

they mentioned being the only vegetarian so that might be why someone decided to serve them something inedible

awful behaviour either way

They all get the same food, but the celebration of it shows buy in and acceptance of the elite groupthink

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Not sure any of this makes sense.

Either awful food is some sort of shibboleth of the elites, but this means they are having to eat bad food which isn’t very elite. And are restaurant critics ‘elites’ because I’m not sure they are so are they just giving good reviews in an emperor’s new clothes type way?

Or, elites get good food but the rest of us get terrible food, which feels weird but also won’t be 100% accurate if we’re going off secret signals or assumption.

Posh person’s restaurant where the food’s rubbish:


Posh person’s restaurant where the food is beautiful: