Anyone else feel like they're 'ten years behind'

Read an article about Chris Moyles where he said Emma Freud told him he’s ‘a decade late with his life’ and that’s exactly how I feel. So I’m the same as Chris Moyles. Except I’m a late bloomer without the bloom :disappointed_relieved:

Do you feel like your life experiences and your literal age are harmonious? I need a life coach or something. Jeremy off Peep Show

Ahm oot.


I don’t really understand what that would mean in real terms. Do you mean you think you’re now at the same level of worldliness (for want of a better term) as people who are 10 years younger than you on average?

OK, and what should I do after I’ve red it



and 10 years behind people my age. I need to change the past.

Oh I wish I was a punk rocker with flowers in my hair?

Yes, I have poster of johnny borrell in my room and watch skins


Remember that ‘Ten Years Younger’ TV programme, where that awful posh woman would just force people to get loads of plastic surgery to make themselves feel better.

10 years is a long time. I’m not sure you should assume a blanket situation just because you aren’t as au fait with parcel posting as the rest of us, or whatever?

hey barleysugar, compared to me you’re really successful so don’t worry about it x

In a DT class in highschool in year 8 we had to make a little wooden box with dovetail joints and I fucked it up and would spend the entire week wracked with worry wondering how I could fix an unfixable problem and wishing so badly that I could rewind my life. I think ever since then I’ve just wanted to rewind my life to before I fucked up the box and then do everything properly

Truth time though, you’d fuck it up again wouldn’t you? I certainly would.


I feel I’m old before my time.


I wouldn’t worry about arbitrary timescales and putting pressure on yourself to “hit” them. Just try working at the things you care about and want to improve on. And don’t take a shit in a stall with a urinal directly attached to the stall wall.

fuck it, it all balances out doesnt it

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Do you mean in terms of career? If so, yes. I got into my ‘dream job’ straight after uni and then kind-of stagnated for pretty much the next 7/8 years because I wasn’t sure what to do from that point on. I ended up going back to uni part-time a few years back to re-train and feel like I might have wasted a sizeable chunk of my career (I’m 35 now).