Anyone else feeling incredibly conflicted about the return of live music?

It’s a week since we unlocked the UK.

Social media is full of people sharing photos thrilled be back at gigs and festivals such as Tramlines and Latitude.

Social media is also peppered with the likes of Arlo Parks, Fontaines DC and more saying they’ve tested positive and need to cancel their shows.

Many friends - including those who’ve been DJing socially distanced events before lockdown - have all tested positive for Covid too. Thankfully none have ended up in the ICU.

This week I was accused of ‘recklessly spreading misinformation’ by someone in the festival industry for sharing this link, despite the U-turn in the Netherlands and their quick rise in cases

Anyway, I know we’ve had a few other threads, so curious where you’re at right now… and if you’ve been to a gig this week, what’s it been like?

I’ve done a thread with various links and graphs to share the conflicted whirl inside my head (I really want to goto gigs but I’m not going to!)

Yes, all of us.



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Everybody I know that’s been to something this week has had a great time and a couple of my mates actually got to go back to work as well which is good for them

Still think it’s a massive threat to public health. Don’t think anyone would be happy that they attended if they ended up with Long COVID, no matter how fun the show was.

cases doubling every two days is quite something

Exactly. Everyone is conflicted to some degree. What more is there to say? How many threads do we need on this?


if youre talking about the uk then cases arent doing that are they?

I have a weekend in September where I have Bicep on Friday, Sisters of mercy on Saturday and the Fields of the Nephilim on Sunday. This should be the best thing ever, instead I just feel anxious about it. :sob:


If a user is feeling worried enough about an issue that they might feel reassured by talking to other people on here about it then it’s probably OK to have a thread.

Sean’s also said he started a new thread because the old one was specifically about masks and after the first week it now seems like a topic that is no longer a serious consideration for most gig-/club-goers. Maybe he could have just retitled the mask thread, but at the same time if you don’t want to read another thread about this you can always just not click on it?


He’s talking about the Netherlands - they were doubling every two according to the graph up there ^


ahh sorry makes sense thanks


I’ll be waiting until I’m double vaccinated which isn’t for a few weeks. It feels a bit strange at the moment, but when cases plateau I think I’ll just get on with life, have to see what happens over the next few weeks. If we can’t learn to live with it now I don’t see how we ever will.

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I do, can’t decide what the right thing is to do. My first event is Laurent Garnier August BH weekend in a warehouse. I will not be surprised if events are being postponed again by then. I will make a decision nearer the time on whether to go, depending on the data and information that is being provided at that time.

Went clubbing this week. It felt very very weird at first but people were going for it and I loosened up eventually. Covid passport checked on entry but the check wasn’t exactly thorough. Taken lateral flows every other day since to check.

Booked to go to Gala festival in Peckham next weekend which at least is outdoors.


Got tickets for Farmfest this weekend. Feeling really anxious about it and might not go tbh. I’m sure I’d feel fine (great even) when I’m there but know it would be a fraught few days afterwards.

Conversations evolve. Not everyone wants to read 200 replies to join a discussion.

It’s important to me that DiS is as open and inclusive as possible. And also there are pretty much daily threads on the social boards. We could easily have a weekly thread as things change and evolve with something as important as the return of live music. It’s essential to the livelihoods of musicians we love and the entire ecosystem related to it.

Plus I would assume I’m not alone in being really keen to experience the wonders of a live gig again, once I feel confident that it’s safe(r) to do so.


1000% this ^

I felt incredibly alone and disconnected from the “hooray live music is back” filling my social feeds and on the news, when privately discovering it wasn’t just my immunosuppressed friends who were apprehensive about going back to gigs, despite being people who went to 200 plus gigs a year or 5 festivals per summer pre-pandemic


Absolutely, I’m feeling conflicted about the opening up of everything tbh, not just live music. I spent some time shielding back at beginning (clinically extremely vulnerable - immunosuppressed) and that was so difficult to be away from everyone/everything. I’ve been double jabbed since April and have been going out to see friends/family, to the pub etc since from time to time as well as been on holiday to Scotland but there is always a sense of underlying anxiety there as I’m sure many of us feel!

Live music in particular with (usually) people being so close etc does make me feel a bit anxious, but, I miss it so so much. Very conflicting emotions around it safe to say.


Been to a gig and a stand up show in the last week, got tickets to a club night next week that I’ll attend all being well.

Not gonna pretend I didn’t feel a bit strange at times, it’s a bit unnerving and unfamiliar and disconcerting at points and those feelings do come and go throughout.

They were also both a hell of a lot of fun though , and great to see performers and venues making some money again after so long, and people having fun again. There’s gonna be an exit wave, and realistically if not now it’s not gonna be for another year - that’s gonna be terminal for a lot of venues and lead to a lot of performers sacking it off.

So conflicted sure, but also definitely in favour.

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