Anyone else find Charlie Luxton really irritating?

More than likely just me, but it just drives me crackers how he has to ‘stamp’ his mark on all of the subjects - very straight forward, and in most cases totally practical - semi detached new builds…like, putting the AGA where the pantry was originally going to be.

Anyone else suffer from being annoyed by this guy? I’ll totally accept that I’m on my own. Seems a bit of a niche thing to get fucked off about.

I’m not even on Charlie Luxton mate


Don’t know who s/he is, pal

He presents various programmes on C4 where people build houses. The programme is similar to grand designs, except not as good.

Ah. Would probably know 'im if I saw 'im.*

Before I check, I’ll say that there was a decent enough programme on yesterday about extraordinary houses, fronted by Caroline Quinten(!?!?) and Piers Taylor. She’s too manic. He’s plain insufferable. Watched it muted.

*Just Googled 'im. Nope. Don’t know him. Thought you were talking about Kieran Long, who is alright (and presents the OK but questionably titled The House That 100k Built with the aforementioned Piers Taylor).