Anyone else get really bad/very many mosquito bites?

I’m that person who gets all of the mosquito bites, and it drives me crazy each summer.

Season is just getting started over here, I have probably around 20 on my legs from Saturday alone. I almost forget/block from memory during the winter months just how bad it gets and the absolutely unrelenting itchiness. I take Zyrtec (or equivalents) all through the summer and use an over the counter cream with a mild local anaesthetic in it. Obviously spray myself with lots of mosquito repellents as well.

I’m sure all of it helps a little bit, but not nearly enough. What do you do with your mosquito bites, fellow sufferers?

Always get loads of mosquito bites so I assume I’m delicious and they’re coming back for seconds

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How do you cope?

Please never forget how lucky you are



Yes, I had loads a few weeks ago.

It was very itchy.

I just suffered and got on with life, but it wasn’t pleasant.


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I take anti histamine and try to resist scratching but it basically doesn’t work in the slightest.

I get loads of bites which take months to heal and I suffer from compulsive skin picking so it causes some real issues. My legs have been covered in plasters for the last year :confused:

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Last year or two I seem to have become really allergic. Like my whole arm will swell up from 1 bite.
Back of garden is really bad for midges as well, so want to plant some plants they naturally hate like citronella but that might just push them closer towards the house…

I got bitten really badly in Canada last year - camping in the woods for two weeks. Still got scars on my legs from some of the bites. Ended up liberally spraying myself with 50% deet every time I went outside when I got to SE Asia as I couldn’t bear a repeat which can’t have been very good for me.

I’m on 20% at the moment but might move on to 50

Once I went to 50% I never got a single bite in a whole month, so it definitely worked for me.

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mosquitos, no. midges, yes.

smidge is decent. dunno if you can get it outside scotland though.

Got quite a few at the minute, sleeping with the window wide open cos it’s so hot. Can’t be arsed buying any repellent like a normal human.

The other day the guy that sits next to me at work went to cut the grass at his new house, and had to climb down a manhole to turn the water on (I don’t know why, communism innit) and he said there was hundreds of the little bastards in there and spiders too

He turned up to working looking like a legit leper, it was vile. He was oozing yellow stuff all over his arms.

Do we have mosquitoes here? I thought it was only a hot country thing

We get them in Cambridge but I’ve never knowingly seen one in Scotland.

From this I conclude that mosquitos have terrible taste.

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Everyone in the borders talks about midgies all the time.

Ireland is midgie central but never knowingly seen a mosquito

I lived in Hong Kong ages 7-11 so I’m covered in little scars from picking them.

I used to get them really bad as a kid, to the point where they would swell up so much it felt like my skin would split (never did thanksfully) and I always seemed to get bitten in the most unhelpful places, like the time I was bitten on the back of the leg behind the knee and spent the best part of the week not being able to bend my leg at all.
Thankfully I don’t seem to be as alergic to the bites now I am older but still get bitten much more frequently then anyone else in the immediate vicinity.

We have loads in Norway, so no. They like the coast and other moist (:face_with_hand_over_mouth:) surroundings though