Anyone else getting loads of “masterclass” adverts on Facebook if they’re on Facebook?

Noticed it a lot these last few days

Timbaland is always trying flog me one of these when I look at anything on YouTube. Guess whoever’s behind it figures people are stuck at home and have an appetite for learning and so have ramped up their advertising spend. Joke’s on them, because I am at home all day now, but I’m just reading books and playing records.

I’m getting loads of these, there’s even a wine appreciation one which sounds hilarious.

Timbaland does some rate funny jigs in his masterclass advert

Surely, the David Lynch one is just him telling people to meditate?

Zimmer master class:

closing remarks

I’ve never got past the bit where he says “If I can’t talk to you verbally…then I can talk to you with my music”. I mean, possibly I did and my brain has destroyed the memories to protect itself from the trauma, but probably not.

Only ever seen the Chris Hadfield one, on YouTube.

I thought it was David Lynch saying this, doing his funny hand movement