Anyone else getting redirected to sky bet

Using safari on iPhone, keeps trying to open up the App Store. @sean!

I’ll give you odds of 3/1 that it hasnt happened for anyone else

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Yup just happened to me -_-

Yeah, I had a good old whinge in social about it

Yeah you did but at least I didn’t get good ol scott chegg doing a lol at me

Murdochs revenge



Not happening on Android or Windows. Maybe it’s just people with enough money to waste on Apple goods who are being targeted :wink:

@sean! this is still A Thing

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This legit driving me crazy


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Sorry this is coming from remnant Google Adverts that we can’t control but are trying to halt.

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Yes, has been happening to me for months. Really annoying.

not happening for me now but i am using a shitter phone coz i broke my other one, so idk