Anyone else getting redirected to sky bet


Using safari on iPhone, keeps trying to open up the App Store. @sean!


I’ll give you odds of 3/1 that it hasnt happened for anyone else


Yup just happened to me -_-


Yeah, I had a good old whinge in social about it


Yeah you did but at least I didn’t get good ol scott chegg doing a lol at me


Murdochs revenge




“hi guys are you sure this isn’t a problem with your own computer?”


Not happening on Android or Windows. Maybe it’s just people with enough money to waste on Apple goods who are being targeted :wink:


@sean! this is still A Thing


This legit driving me crazy




Sorry this is coming from remnant Google Adverts that we can’t control but are trying to halt.


Yes, has been happening to me for months. Really annoying.


not happening for me now but i am using a shitter phone coz i broke my other one, so idk