Anyone else got a really nice looking sky all around them at the moment?


Really nice hue here


Round here looks like Silent Hill before the shit hits the fan.


Yorkshire sky looks like the glowing sea in Fallout 4. Proper post-nuclear war shade of acrid yellow.


Yeah I like it


Are you near a volcano?


wall to wall blue sky, so yeah, I guess it is


when I went to hang out the aforementioned washing, at about half ten, it felt like being Spain shortly after sunrise in the summer. all golden and warm. It’s filled in a bit now but there’s still a light golden hue.


Sahara sand cloud apparently


I’m listening to a really good drone album from last year a Russian guy made to mark the 20 year anniversary of Chernobyl. Really working with the sky.


Delicious London and it’s sky of er, yellow.


Golden tones ay wot.


Orangey-grey in Sutton Coldfield. Like when the hippies got ‘taken’ in Quatermass


It’s cloudy here, really cloudy and close, yet the sky has a kind of peach-ish hue to it.

Feels ominous.




Feel like i’m on tattooine


Overcast but yesterday was really nice and v blue


Yeah everything’s in sepia here. What is it, genuinely? Pollution?


it’s coz of the hurricane


Combined with dust from that Sahara and debris from Iberian forest fires, I gather.


Apparently, some folks in southern England could smell burning from the Iberian forest fires. Weird shit