Anyone else got loads of invisible avatars at the minute?

Some of you have lovely little pictures by your posts but I can’t see them at the minute

Just for the moment

I can see your little picture actually, it’s a bit too spooky for me though

Please don’t be upset, Vincent Van Gogh made it as a joke about still life paintings. There weren’t a lot of jokes back then.

Oh right, hahaha! Yeah, I get it now! haha!

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he didn’t get out much sadly

i can see all of them and i’m loving it

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I haven’t had a chance to say how much I’m loving your rebrand btw

can I ask why you chose your avatar

I know why he chose it AND his username!

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his username seems like a play on that rubbish comedian he loves
or arsenal’s greatest defender

ask anthony

no sorry

what does the username mean please

You know the game “No More Jockeys” right? Our friend Mert_Aksac’s username AND little picture are both references to that game that we enjoy to view once a week. Mert Aksac is a relatively recent addition to the staple of regularly played names in the game.

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oh no, sorry that’s not it at all

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I can’t see your little picture by the way and it makes me quite sad

Oh! Sorry, my mistake!

PSYCHE! It is really! Pranked!