Anyone else hate getting wet?

I wish I could float. And somehow not in water.

Fucking hate the rain like. Being cold and damp is horrible. The shower/bath is nice if you’re warm.

ngl I thought DiS had gone all Gabriel Garcia Marquez on me for a minute

(cue everyone changing their usernames to Aureliano)

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I love showers but not baths and not getting caught in the rain

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Baths can fuck off

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Would love to run around naked in the rain.
Warm day, rain, leaping around in the buff. Lovely stuff.

Bloody love a bath

Don’t get to have them unless I’m in a hotel that has one

Proper fancy a bath rn

Came here to post something like, “Cardi B and/ or Megan Thee Stallion to thread…”

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My mate once described swimming as a poor man’s flying, which I absolutely love.

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Got of a lot of opinions on this and it’s important, so here me out, but:

  1. I really like having baths
  2. I really like having a nice shower
  3. I absolutely hate getting crinkly fingers/toes/other things

It’s an absolute fucking dilemma and really important, but basically I can only enjoy a bath for about 20 minutes, and that makes me really sad.

Kind regards.

Also, has anyone here been on a spa relaxation day type thing?

My partner won a day/night at Champney’s as a prize for something or other (possibly just a raffle), and honestly it was 100% great.

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Yes omg it was amazing. Full body massage, facial, swims, sauna, ice room

I’m fine DURING the bath/shower but the moment it’s over I hate it and need to run to a towel as soon as possible. I HATE wet clothes, the sensory overload i get from wet clothes drives me positively nutty and even getting a tiny bit wet outdoors can potentially ruin my day.

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had this weird bath you lie down in, and there are jets that start by your feet, and gradually work up your body. Amazing.

Only downside is that this was a 15 minute thing, and the music was only about 3 minutes long, so I heard it about 5 times.

Want to go to a nice posh spa now…

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