Anyone else having a weird day at work today?

I’m doing a restoration & transcription of an old tape recording

It’s a recording from the mid 70s of a then old Jewish lady (now long dead) in her nursing home telling the story of how she & her husband fled Nazi Germany via Holland in 1937 when they found out she was pregnant

I just deleted a whole bit of this post describing some tragic stuff but anyway …I’m in the headphones :headphones: with this harrowing tale and basically have had something in my eye now for 20 minutes or so, just needed to share

How’s YOUR work going today ?!

not started yet

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i’ve got some soup

Fine. My work’s so dull I could do it in my sleep.
Really wish I could have a job that meant I could use my brain in any way.

What kind of soup?

This will be the most important question I will ask today.

no, but its going properly quick which is surprising

Day off today

Been here for 5 hours and have yet to do anything productive*. Bob just came over and raved about something I did for him yesterday though, so I’m considering that me done for the day. Top tip: when people ask for a still image, make them a video. They fucking love that shit.

*This sentence is also true without the word ‘productive’

Almost everyone in my immediate vicinity is reapplying for their job (deadline tomorrow), except me (I sent mine yesterday). So yeah the atmosphere of panic and depression is intoxicating.

spent most of the day booking rooms. spent most of yesterday booking meetings for the next three months so now i need to find somewhere to have all these meetings. so yeah, weird couple of days. but in quite a different way to yours i guess

Started off with a phone call to sort out some admin, which ended up with me sacking off a supplier firm and being furious, and has now escalated to everyone else here being furious on my behalf.


I’m currently using my brain to analyse resonant frequencies, mains hum, room hum, background drones & tape degradation in order to better preserve for future generations just how this woman’s baby died : /

Life eh

chicken & leek & new potato

was meant to be a stew, but it turned out a soup

I’m working on a project in Iraq.

People keep asking me what the drainage design standards are for Iraq. I don’t know. I really, really, really don’t know.

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My soups often end up a bit stewy. I like 'em thick.

japes made a watery stew!!

boring af m9s

loads to do tho

the office is v stuffy

Nope, nothing…

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how’s the uniform?