Anyone else noticed people trying to scam on the facebook events of smaller gigs recently?

Seen it on a few sold-out gigs recently, Low and another one. Generally a profile that has no information on it that says “Me and my family can no longer make this gig so I have four tickets to sell” or something like that.

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Yep, I fell victim to it when trying to get tickets for Nightingales gig in London. Couldn’t get my money back either as the card I paid it to was a pre-pay card.

Sorry to hear that. Thought they were quite obviously scams. Maybe some are a bit better done than others.


It’s rife.

Yeah I mean it seemed legit, plus it was a friend who alerted me to the post, and I was pissed at the time of doing it.

One that sent me the other day, some dude on a gig event put “Selling my 3 tickets, I can’t make the event!” and when someone called him out on being from California he said “I just moved, that’s why I can’t make it”

Weird, the Low one was based in California too. Denton his name I think

I noticed a few people complaining of scammers on the Oh Sees facebook event page for their Glasgow gig.

Most scammers make it abundantly clear that they’re not legit, stock photo profile picture ffs. Haven’t been caught out yet but can imagine there are more convincing ones too

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Yeah these seem to have gotten a lot more common.

This one is the first that comes to mind:!/events/1028222517348239?view=permalink&id=1150026458501177

Much easier to spot these at heavier gigs, considering it’s err, unlikely a family would be going.

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Yeah have seen these even at underground techno events

It’s a shame you and your family from Arizona can’t make that Vatican Shadow night, Barbara.


Increasingly common this. Quite a few trying it on for Daughters at the Exchange a few weeks back.

I try not to judge but it’s actually quite amusing trying to match some of the profiles to even a passing interest in some of these gigs. Usually pretty easy to spot a mile off.

I have seen a few warnings for small to medium sized shows in Bristol. The Idles gig last year had a lot of murky looking offers. So easy to do - person seems genuine, a music fan, has an e-ticket and even offering face value, can’t make the gig. Happens to us all. Send them your £15 and get a duff or no ticket at all. Probably quite an easy one to get away with as it is so small scale.

Saw loads for Stella Donnelly at Thekla last week. 4 or 5 posts went up on the facebook event on the day each offering 4 tickets at face value.

Possibly easier to target smaller shows as they are generally e-ticketed and you can hide on the internet rather than run the risk of things going wrong in person?

Have seen quite a few getting scammed by people selling e-tickets for gigs that I’m pretty sure are physical ticket only!

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I like that when you click through to her profile the cover photo is her badly photoshopped on the front of a magazine ?!?

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yep, saw absolutely loads of them when Idles played a pretty small sold out show here. i’m suspicious of every ticket seller now

No but i get people enquiring about a ticket i have for sale and then not following up. irksome.