Anyone else noticed people trying to scam on the facebook events of smaller gigs recently?

Sure. Dice do that I think?

But people sell on Facebook (even when Twickets exists) events cos it’s fast and easy, and lets you shift tickets last minute. Hard to replicate that going through an agency,

We got scammed with Vampire Weekend tickets on Saturday. I’d met up with the bloke and he ‘seemed’ legit. He’s still been in touch with us in the aftermath still claiming that they were legit. We rang Seetickets though and they told us that the Booking Ref was 2 years out of date.
We ended up paying in again annoyingly.

I love paper tickets :frowning:


loads on the fb event for lizzo tonight. not posting in the event which is how you’d usually sell tickets, but replying to every update the promoter posts with “due to a family emergency” blah blah whatever. exact same wording to each reply on each of the promoters posts, very odd


Yeah, someone tried to contact me about Girl Band after I posted on Facebook wanting tickets. Had a stock image/Instagram model profile pic
and quoted me the price in dollars!

Winding these people up is one of my favourote hobbies.



please tell me you make a gig scrapbook <3


Have not yet but I’ve kept them all so plan to do so one day! Knowing about the handful of e-tickets that ruined my collection still haunts me, GBV being the worst of all :frowning:

I don’t like paying £3 for it to be sent in the mail, and then almost forgetting it when I’m half way to the train station

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Collect at the venue is my friend

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Found another one i did. ‘Remind me of the event again’ is a particular favourite line

Screenshot_20191111-140630_Gallery Screenshot_20191111-140640_Gallery


“If i sell them on I’ll pay you the extra £1” hahaha


Had someone on a gig we were playing at The Finsbury try to scam. A free entry gig that had about 15 people down as attending. Gotta love the ambition.


Enjoyed “Gift by name, gift by nature!” too


On a related note, set up a Twickets alert for this when I missed the date for tickets going on sale and I’ve never known them going so quickly. Got the alerts through to my work email and every time even when I’ve clicked on it quickly they’ve already gone.

Can’t really even be bothered to go anymore anyway, but there’s crazy demand for this/serious potential for people getting scammed.

tbf gf isnt feeling well so we might be trying to sell ours at the last minute. theres been a family emergency! not really but shes literally msging me right now about not feeling well

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Always find this with twickets - cos they have phone apps that do push notifications stuff flies out.

Finally got a Kate Tempest ticket back in the summer cos I was hiding in the loos reading DiS when one came through


Andyvine, Tampa Bay, FL

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That’s so shit :persevere: we got ours through Twickets, took me ages to get hold of a pair though because they were going so fast when they went up. First time I’ve been that venue and I was v unimpressed with the corporate avarice on display from O2. It’ll take a lot to get me to another gig there, horrible place.

I buy tickets off FB event pages all the time and never been scammed or even seen something that’s struck me as scammy. Sounds like I’ve been very very lucky.

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Tbh, I’ve not bought any before, but I have sold some on there. I noticed a few on Twickets but we have to sort out babysitters etc so can’t really wait until late on.
Didn’t really like the venue either, like a bigger Academy, but the gig was great.