Anyone else noticed...

…a very big increase in anti-social behaviour and crime where they are recently?

Normally dismiss stuff like this as hysteria, but in the last few weeks alone two people have tried to mug me, some idiot started on me in the street for no reason, my work got robbed, and today some balloon in a skimask on a motorbike’s been causing grief on on our street.

Genuinely feels lairy as fuck all of a sudden. Might be paranoia on my part, idk.

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Some teenagers punched an 8 year old boy (walking with his parents) in the face outside my flat the other day. Insane

Also to answer the question, yeah I’ve noticed this…I think.

Other than a burglary around the corner the other week, my next door neighbour being chased by people trying to nick his bike, and the lads who crashed into a kebab van after trying to nick some diesel from the roadworks… can’t say that I have.


In unrelated news, might finally call someone about getting a new front door with some better locks fitted.

No. Genuinely no, but moved to a nicer area

Crikey. Where you living, big man?

But no, nothing much happening in this fair city, as far as I can tell.

sorry to hear this @bugduv

No change noticed where I am

It’s been gradually getting worse over the past 5 years or so, but I think the past 6 months has definitely seen a noticeable uptick, yeah.

Crime figures usually have a lag period of about five years behind policy - we’re now seeing the effects of austerity measures, certainly.

Loads of car/van related crime in our area at the minute. Car windows being smashed, possessions being knicked, vans being looted for tools etc. In a village of maybe 2,000 people there seems to be a different crime every few days. It’s really bad and has been convincing me to get some CCTV as a deterrent.

Everyone on the local FB groups are going mad too understandably although very people people are blaming the Tories for it.

Nope, can’t say that I have.

I’ve had two bikes nicked in the last three months.

Also got threatened by a crack/heroin dealer - I cycled past him at 8.30ish in the morning, on a route that children use to get to my daughters’ school, just as he was selling to some woman on the estate, and (stupidly) said something like “fuck’s sake” at him. He then chased me on his bike, told me to keep my mouth shut or I’d get “cut up”, and then cycled off in a hurry. Was pretty horrid tbh


I live in a nice-ish area, so far as big cities go anyway. There are lots of burglaries and cars nicked, but that’s because some bits are relatively affluent…but i’ve certainly never worried about being mugged or set on in the street until recently.

Guess what i was getting at is do people think the media can drive or stir up lawlessness, etc? Are we just reaching the peak impact of cuts to services in big cities, or is the hysteria just feeding crime, or is the coverage just successfully making us a bit more paranoid?

There’s a definite impact I’m sure - I just don’t think the police have got time to deal with low-level dealing, bike thefts and the like, so it goes largely unchallenged.

I think the media can definitely whip up a storm. Remember those riots where kids in Manchester were looting bottles of Dr Pepper because they saw kids in London doing it?

Can also give non pricks a sense of vulnerability too.

Do you live in Chorlton? I think it’s very very different depending on the area. I grew up in Gorton and have since lived in Prestwich and now Urmston, the difference is night and day.

You’ve left Derby then?

We don’t have crime in Wales.

There was an increase in drug related crime round my way - county lines stuff. People down from London selling locally apparently. But that seems to have quietened down with more police presence. You know that any time something really bad happens it’s probably down to drugs, unfortunately.

I don’t think we’ve reached the peak yet. Even if funding was to be reinstated to those areas that were cut, it’d still take a few years to turn around.

Remember you saying this before. Makes a lot of sense