Anyone else quietly looking forward to Comey-Corbyn Day?

Fully prepared for a 0-2 defeat, obviously, but i’m smashing the beers and just splodging out scratching my nuts once i’ve voted.

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considering putting a big ol’ bet on corbyn to make the victory all the sweeter, or if theresa may wins i’ll be far too apathetic to care about anything let alone my bank balance

i’m not looking forward to it per se, i genuinely feel a bit nervous

I’ve got £1.50 on Corbyn

(the total sum left in my William Hill account)

If the whole country would just place huge bets on labour then we could all vote labour and pay off the national debt with the winnings.


chucked 25 on the lad but then saw another site had him on at 18/1. gonna be livid if he wins now!

ffs i took 9/2 odds… put smaller bets on a labour minority & majority to hopefully top up my winnings a bit as both were quite high at the time

how high were you at the time?


8/15 odds on ‘very’


hyped for it now