Anyone else still up?


Aye, it’s only 9:22

what fucking time zone are you in mate


EST? Waiting for a flight home from Philly


Whatever MATE. I care about two single time zones on here: 1) everyone else’s and 2) mine. So if you’re not in one of those two then PISS OFF YEAH MATE

I’m about to go MENTAL and have a couple of cigarettes out of my bedroom window (I live in my parents’ flat so this is fairly meeeental) (even though they are not here tonight and won’t be for a couple of weeks but still)


Also, am I the only one who only wants to listen to really depressing music when I’m drunk!? I’m even running out of depressing songs to listen to cause I’ve listened to all of them too many times to even find them sad anymore.

#wr is drunk


Depends how drunk. Tindersticks is good drunk music and pretty sad

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Omg I only really know Tindersticks from that one Claire Denis film with Vincent Gallo. I realise that probably describes more than one film but I am very drunk so there you go.

TRUBLE EVERY DAY! Fucking fucked up film but at least the Tindersticks song for it is fucking amazing. Gonna youtube that right noe.

I’m drinking bottles of Peroni in a hotel in the Isle of Wight.

Just sneaked out for a cigarette which is a bit dodgy cos my parents are in the room opposite and they don’t know I smoke (and it’s impossible to not make a sound when leaving/entering my room, they’re light sleepers and might find it suspicious if they hear anything). Will probably go out again in an hour’s time.

Was hoping to use this week off to work on my dissertation, but I’ve nearly cracked it and it’s a free holiday so hey ho.

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One of the eeriest fucking songs of all time.



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Tried to quote this again from my phone but no luck ;(