Anyone else unhappy today?

probably nobody here who isn’t having a banging time :frowning:

Im sat at home watching tv. It’s fine.

I had a doze for an hour earlier and some really fucked up dreams which never makes for much of an evening afterwards.

Just killing time with a film whilst I wait for the kids to fall asleep.

I found out I have to reapply for my job this week. This will be the fourth application /interview I’ve had for various temporary fractions of the same job role I’ve been doing since August 2014.

Mate, that is tough. I’m having to do the same thing at the moment (or I will if they ever release the sodding job description) for a job I’ve been doing for the last 12 months. Having to do that four times utterly sucks.

Good luck with it!

No more than usual


It sort of comes with the territory - I thought I’d managed to be here long enough to avoid the process again but it’ll be fine.

We’ll start a daytime support group next week.



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damn you all and your perfect lives


how did your date go?

Went well but he got a bit clingy (or “affectionate” as some might say) and I’m emotionally challenged so now I’m avoiding him

maybe you don’t like people?

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Just used to being alone a lot and to have a lot of personal space innit




just feel bad for you

Don’t, I’m good

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