Anyone else utterly utterly bored at work today? (Potential rolling)





as always :expressionless:


But is boredom part of the job as a librarian? I mean, do you ever get like a lunchtime rush or something?




i’m the chairman of the bored today. can’t take it.


Every day m9


probably. one half of my job is really procedural and repetitive. the other half is a bit more involved and exciting but also it means i have to talk to people which sometimes i cba with


People talking. Must be a real adrenaline rush pre-shushing.


Remember when as a teenager the only way you were allowed to respond to someone when they asked you how you were was bored?


New job and a load of very friendly academic and probably brilliantly clever lawyers came in to to say hello. I said something that made them all laugh out loud.


A good laugh out loud or an embarrassing one?


and someone asked if they could use the water cooler and I directed them to the sink instead. Hayley told me not to let staff use the water cooler.


i have never shushed anyone in the library i currently work in

tbh i’m not even really allowed down there because i refuse to wear a uniform


Classic Hayls


A good one. It wasn’t even a joke I just said that I changed job cause in this job I get a chair and in my last one I didn’t. I think they releated to it being good to have a chair to sit in. It was probably my delivery that made it funny. I’ve good delivery.


more of a tsssker, eh? it’s definitely the more aggressive move


the vibe of our libe is that the members shhh and tsk us instead


vibe of the libe




From your posting style, I can imagine this