Anyone else utterly utterly bored at work today? (Potential rolling)

A good laugh out loud or an embarrassing one?

and someone asked if they could use the water cooler and I directed them to the sink instead. Hayley told me not to let staff use the water cooler.

i have never shushed anyone in the library i currently work in

tbh i’m not even really allowed down there because i refuse to wear a uniform

Classic Hayls

A good one. It wasn’t even a joke I just said that I changed job cause in this job I get a chair and in my last one I didn’t. I think they releated to it being good to have a chair to sit in. It was probably my delivery that made it funny. I’ve good delivery.


more of a tsssker, eh? it’s definitely the more aggressive move

the vibe of our libe is that the members shhh and tsk us instead

vibe of the libe



From your posting style, I can imagine this

when coupled with some extra loud book stamping it’s very effective

maybe you should work for the post office LOL

@plasticniki how’s your book stamp?

*not the red overdue one

I’m bored

I only have a few bits to do, and I’m putting them off - but I’d be less bored if I just got on with it probably

Bored but I’ve got a ton of work to do so I can’t really afford to be

I was a bit bored but then my stomach started playing up, so I’m now playing an exciting game of “how often can I go to the loo without people noticing that I’m going to the loo a lot”.

I think it’s settled now. I hope it’s settled now.

Not bored yet, but I have NOTHING to do this afternoon whatsoever, so bored will commence imminently

Can’t stop singing the Dirty Dancing theme tune in my head now … I’ve, had, the vibe of my libe…and I owe it all to yoooouuuu

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I’ve already hit my weekly target and I dunno what to do other than try and double it which will mean I’ll have an impossible target next month or something


it’s small and rarely used