Anyone else watching Baskets?


Possibly the best comedy I’ve seen in years, six eps in.

Can recommend highly. Esp for fans of Galifianakis.


is that the one where he’s a clown? saw the first ep ages ago and completely forgot about it tbh


it is indeed. and tbh you don’t like a lot man. that’s meant with a lot of love btw.


i liked the first season but gave up on the second. think they just stretched the concept a bit too far. martha is the fucking best though.


never said I didn’t like it!



DO you like it?


oh i might just go through to end of S1 and feel satisfied. Martha absolutely is excellent.


it seemed alright from what I remember! just saw one and then for some reason never went back to it. might well give it another go


still laugh sometimes thinking about ‘cloon’. can you please ask mrs. xylo to say it and report back? TIA.


i will try and trick her onto vocaroo


you look like a cloon. you are not, though, a cloon.


I just watch screens and stuff really.


It’s probably my favourite show of the last few years.


i knew you’d be all over this Ant you have great comedy tastes


I now agree.


Season 2 is also great btw, focusses more on Louie Anderson as Christine though and he is absolutely wonderful in it.

Season 3 starts here next week.


i’ll risk it. i trust you man


it’s brilliant, christine is almost unbearably good and sad. i find it hard watching her tbh.

galifinakis’ face when he’s doing some daft prat fall is great also.

this week’s bit where martha was helping christine out with making her dress was beautiful, “you’re like cinderella & i’m one of those helper rats”


Season 3 was a real drop off in quality. Way too much Dale.


Louie Anderson’s little interview on WTF the other day was good