Anyone ever auditioned for X factor (or similar) or knows someone who has?

Asking for a friend.

The latter of this question. Cheers

How’d it go for them?

My brother applied for The Apprentice and was asked to go to London to do a screen test but he pulled out.

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Early Mighty Mighty Bosstones lyrics needed some work




I know a dude called Ashwin who went on a bunch of times and had a televised argument about his own greatness with Simon Cowell.

Ever been in an accident that wasnt your fault?

You wouldn’t download a Susan Boyle

I’m that Greek guy who did Riverdance with Geoff as my son

This true @GEOFF ?

I remember that fella! Good lad

This is true. I wouldn’t.



I know the performance poet Sid Ozalid (Aberdeen’s answer to John Cooper Clarke in the late 70s and early 80s) who said he was going on Britain’s Got Talent, but no idea if he ever did.

If he had done, then they’d probably only put him on in the “laugh at, not with” section. Mind you, they’d do that with Charlie Chuck these days too.

no but i have a couple of anecdotes.

i was in trof once and this guy who i cant for the life of me remember the name of came and sat with me and my mate and started telling me about his act, which was him playing banjo (?) on a trampoline. he was on britains got talent a year or so after, didnt go through. also i went to see the live tour once coz i got free tickets when i worked for t*cketmaster. it was the year that drummer kid was on it. everyone on the tour did their own little bit, then at the end they all did a bit together, but the last bit was choreographed in such a way that he had to walk on. obviously you cant walk on with a drumkit, so this kid was just air drumming with his sunglasses on like it was the best thing that ever happened. fucking air drumming with a mullet and sunglasses onstage at a half empty manchester arena


My friend auditioned for X factor when we were in school. Didn’t get through to the judges though.

My cousin got through to the Junior Voice (??) but went out at the early stages, apaz.