Anyone ever been on an Amazon 'fulfilment centre' tour

It’s bound to be bloody horrendous but a mate of mine has asked me if I wanna go on one next month and I’m sort of tempted to go just to hear and see how their propaganda plays out.

A waste of an hour or a (horrible) insight into 21st century capitalist consumerism?

Anyone been on one?

See, i’d never work for Amazon and the reports i’ve read all tally with it being a horrendous company.

Whenever i bump into someone who works there, though, and i ask how it is, they all say it’s not bad at all, flexible, and the overtime money’s excellent (£17 an hour i think).

Go on a Tuesday…y’know when Donna bakes cakes.


Why the fixed smiles?

Why the dead eyes?

They’ll show you a nice part. Why would they show you something horrible?

Just, like. Donate to a strike fund or do something useful.


I worked in a warehouse where part of it was amazon, hard to say whether my job or theirs was worse, probably theirs as the job security must be terrible

Never been on one. My BIL is a manager of some sort at one of them. Would be mildly interested in going to one of their super high tech automated ones. Don’t like the idea of gawking around a manned centre while people do low-wage, low-job-security work though.

It’s not a zoo.

Just read one of the many, many articles where they describe how shit it is to work there and boycott them like the rest of us.


I almost got a job at the Amazon fulfilment centre in Rugeley

my experience from that job though is getting up early, travelling on the bus, and waiting absolutely ages to piss in a cup for the mandatory pre-employment drugs and alcohol test; then I filled in the form specifying the hours I was available to work (zero hours contract boiiii); and then got calls for about a month from the Amazon person absolutely ignoring that form and asking if I could work shifts at ridiculous times until they eventually gave up

I used to like it in Rainbow or whatever it was when they looked through a window and you saw a little video of how TVs were made or something.

But that was when I was five years old

oh and then I got a temporary christmas job at a temporary royal mail sorting warehouse where the vast majority of the work was sorting amazon packages

so essentially i just got the same job but later along in the chain

weird eh

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Everything is just wheels within wheels

the managers at the royal mail were a bit nicer though than I imagine the Amazon ones would’ve been

MANAGER: (making conversation) Hey, whatcha listening to there

ME: Just got a bit of Broken Social Scene on

(prolonged silence)



Play School

oh also that time when the guy I was sharing my package sorting area with said he wanted some alone time, so I just walked randomly around the warehouse and went to the toilet for an hour


That’s the one

Love weird jobs, so many jobs are weird, in fact probably most are.

Mine definitely is

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I put teddy bears in boxes for a bit

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Reckon a boring job like that if you could listen to music or podcasts would be great