Anyone ever been on an Amazon 'fulfilment centre' tour

Reckon a boring job like that if you could listen to music or podcasts would be great


Then take them out when they’ve learned their lesson?


I worked for Amazon in their call centre and then in compliance. Pay was alright for an entry level job but they were the most disorganised company I have ever worked for.

When asked to comply with EU legislation they hired over a hundred people, didn’t know how to train us and then made us work the same tasks over and over again, scrapping the work every time they drew up a new operating procedure. Utterly infuriating.

They also hired us on temporary contracts, firing us before we reached twelve months in the job so they didn’t have to hire us permanently.

Shitty work practices and we were just admin staff. The fulfilment centres are nightmares though, absolute ninth circle of Hell shit. A company that is morally bankrupt in every single way.




it’s the thing I’m slightly sad about finally having a job in an area relevant to my degree and all that, it lacks the total weirdness factor of - say - working a temp job at In the Night Garden Live in Birmingham where you sell a toy Makka Pakka to a grandfather who decided to come to this pre-school children’s show wearing an Eraserhead T-shirt, having a child ask you if you live in the television, and being told that its company policy to say that Makka Pakka is sleeping because they don’t have anyone playing him for the Meet the Character section (I genuinely feared that I might accidentally tell a child that Makka Pakka was dead)

great days

I’m getting into weird job memories now

Car park attendant at same Night Garden show memories:

  • Going for my lunch break, and in the very brief unsupervised period between me leaving and my lunchtime cover person arriving, a very minor parking kerfuffle ensued, leaving many motorists unable to exit the car park for quite some time.
  • Spending a very boring evening, needing the toilet, watching two birds fight over a sausage roll, and genuinely considering asking a motorist “can I piss in your car, please?”

a bunch of my podcast subscriptions date back to my christmas royal mail job


I worked as an unlicensed lifeguard at a private health club for a bit, which was super-weird. Mainly just sort of wafted around squeegeeing the floor in a very humid but attractive pool, and hiding in the staff room drinking a ridiculous amount of peppermint tea. It was very, very strange.


Still so proud of how I managed to use the uni part-time work system to find two very easy jobs that I could do at the same time (one I could do from anywhere and required me to do filing and stuff, the other I had to go to a specific place but just count people and update a website every 15 minutes); thus meaning I was getting a full-time minimum wage for working four hours a day

it felt like such a victory


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This sounds remarkably similar to my experience working for ‘Her Majesty’s Civil Service’.

Doesnt sound very… fulfilling

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