Anyone ever been to Moscow?


I’m going there in february, its going to be freezing.

Only there for 2 days, getting the train in from St Petersburg and then getting on the 4 day train to Irktusk.

Where are the best places to stay and any good recommendations for what to do? I’m definately going to look at Red Square, Kremlin and The space museum.


only 2 days? you’ll be Russian about


Not sure if it’s still open in Feb but open air ice skating either in vdnkH or Gorky Park is awesome…

What are you doing in Irkutsk, going to Olkhon Island? Took the train from Moscow to Mongolia via Irkutsk stopping off in a few other cities so can recommend some stuff to do - it was in summer mind.
One recommendation I have is don’t stay on the train for 4 days straight. Break it up into 2 mini city breaks en-route and just use the train for overnight sleeping.
Some cities that we liked: Perm, Ekaterinburg, Novosibirsk, Krasnoyask


Yeah, that’s what I’m doing…getting train to Irktusk then through to Mongolia then Beijing.

Only stopping in Irktusk for 2 days and then in Ulan Bator for 24hrs.


I haven’t but it’s something I’d love to do.

My boss goes to Russia or one of the satellite states most years. Plus one of my co-workers is Russian and has mentioned before about a few us going and her showing us the sites.
I might go with them one year.


Can’t help you with recommendations, as I haven’t been, but would like to. Especially would like to go to Irkutsk to see Lake Baikal.

This website always has loads of interesting (and often lesser-known) things to see when travelling:


you will be expect to learn the dance to this for the daily performance in Red Square


Yes. Got “arrested” and made to hand over a fucking fortune to be “released” and out photographer had his camera “confiscated”. Fucking worst place on the world. Absolute bunch of corrupt cunts.


Oh forgot to say as well, check out the really fancy stations on the Moscow Metro. (Mostly Stalin showing off)


By the real police? Or the local militia?


End of discussion


Dschinghis Khan - catch them tonight at the good ship, Kilburn!


Grand, you’ll have time to get down to Lake Baikal when you’re there :grinning: can recommend some places to go if you want.

Loads of stuff to do in Moscow, depends what you like.
It’s massive. Riding around on the metro is a good shout.
Can’t really recommend where to stay, plenty of hostels and hotels about and the metro is so good and cheap you can be central really quickly and easily from practically anywhere.
Bars are a tricky one, went to some amazing places but they are always tucked away beneath archways and off the main streets, buggered if I could remember where they were at the time let alone now. Pushkinskaya district had some good places iirc.
This place was good, underground bar/club, cheap nice cocktails, decent noodles:
Worth checking whether any gigs of DJs are playing when you’re there, might surprise you. Propaganda is a good club, does decent food too early in the evening. If you’re into techno i’ll dig out some others a little more off the beaten track.

Fucking ace city. Keep your head down and don’t draw too much attention to yourself and you’ll be fine. As 29 said up there, the police are corrupt as fuck


If you’re going on the trans-siberian/manchurian/mongolian, get yourself a copy of trans siberian trailblazer by Bryn Thomas - it’s got guides to St Petersburg, Moscow and the other cities, but the best thing about it is the guide to the railway itself, which includes things to look out for at specific km points on the railway itself (there are markers at the side of the railway), it was great knowing what to look out for when you’re on a 5 hour stretch (loved the trip, helped having an irishman in the cabin who i could chat to, but just a lovely rotation of snoozing, reading, looking out the window, listening to music, chatting, snoozing, etc. Always feeling like you’re getting closer to your destination). I was in Moscow in late January, it wasn’t really a problem for a tourist (apparently, it was the coldest Moscow had been since World War 2 when I was there, -40. They called it the baptising frost, although that might be every year when it gets super fucking cold. I made an icicle on the end of my runny nose)

As said, the Moscow metro is well worth a tour, avoid the police as mentioned, look out the bistro places for cheaper food (often just off main streets). I stayed in a hostel called Sweet Moscow, but I think that’s probably shut now (2006). I remember more specifically about St P, but Moscow was great to just wander around.


The cast of Police Academy


I was in Moscow pretty much ten years ago to the day - played a gig there

Weird & threatening place. Totally surreal & depressing and all shades of austere concrete brutality

Then again, ten years is a long time - its probably some kind of verdant gay hippy rainbow paradise by now or sutin


… according to film historian Leonard Maltin, “If the United States and Soviet Union were still at odds, this film would make a great weapon…it could bore people to death.”


Great thanks.

Yes, please do give me the Irkutsk recommendations


I hope Leonard is dead!


^that’s also the epitaph on steve guttenberg’s gravestone (which he has arranged in advance as he’s very organised)