Anyone ever bought something because they've seen it on hotukdeals?

I haven’t.

i’ve added it into my daily browsing habits and it’s usually one i’m looking forward too at about 09:25 but there’s never anything i want.

closest i get is when it’s something like “just went to john menzies and they had packs of skittles for 3p buy one get 5667 free, not sure if nationwide”, and i really want to buy it, but can’t.

strictly lots of chat, strictly NO groupon.

Fuck yes. I’ve even used some of it.

I bought my Jedi Knight dressing gown after seeing it on HotUKDeals. And I’d do it again.

Yeah, loads.

Yes. Both bikes I own, headphones, shoes, other stuff.

what did you buy? more chat please

I even flew out the house as there was a Kitchenaid on the go near me… wasn’t there when I arrived and then got trapped in the car park for nearly an hour. Good day.

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fROM HIM BUT NOT ME? fUCK YOU hARRU (out of disrespect for you I’m not changing this).

like one of the big mixer things? that’s sort of on my christmas list but i don’t actually want one

As recently as last week I used a code to get 20% off the Office sale and bought myself some New Balance kicks (made a thread about it and everything, pretty hurt you didn’t see it @harru)

Other things include a Chromecast Audio last year, a fair few computer games, Xbox Live subscription on the cheap, vinyl, Levis. I could go on.

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Nah it’s a Bob Geldof thing

Yours will all be boring shit for your son and/or kitchen man.

@dots works for them

YES! Chromecast audio: what a barg that was.

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Please tell us more about your shitty New Balance trainers

who the hell woudl want this :smiley:

Please find more information here :kissing_heart::kissing_heart::kissing_heart:

Yes, return flights to Japan for £250.

Points deals for our Amex. Wiggle discount codes.

My girlfriend got her bike after spotting it on sale on HUKD.

That kind of thing.

Tell you what though, I’m not a Quidco wanker.

Who is a Quidco wanker (other than @saps )?

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