Anyone ever bought something because they've seen it on hotukdeals?

July 16th.

Filthy evil bastards.

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Anyone near a ‘majestic wine’ shop want a code for a 4 pack of punk ipa? (Must be used today)

Just bought three of these:

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15% off everything on ebay today appaz

Just got two of these (and a £2 doughnut as it is cheaper than p&p)

Looks like it doesn’t include a sheet to go over the top and that the sticks along the floor at the entrance bit will get snagged out of the connector pieces when you’re crawling in/out of it.

Ahm oot.

Yeah you use your own sheet. I am hoping it will be fun. £20 gamble and everybody seems to say it is pretty good.

:tent: :crossed_fingers: :tent:

Trying to work out if it’s worth the hassle of getting this (they won’t deliver to where I am so I’d have to get it sent it to in laws and pick it up from them)

(just fyi)

There’s a deal up at the moment that results in you getting a debit card with £35 on it for an outlay of £9.25:

Bit of a faff, but for fifteen minutes of work it’s worth a go.

Actual useful offer here :

£5 off £30 spend @ Lidl from 3/9 (inside Lidl moments brochure) | hotukdeals

Shit sorry - wrong link. meant to post this


Why would anyone need this

i can think of 300 reasons :yum:


Nearly bought one of these

What is wrong with me, it even looks shit

Not really sure what that is but a bargain is a bargain so I have picked up two.


wtf is that

Sort of like a nespresso machine for lager

Think it’s for rescuing tiny thai children from caves