Anyone ever bought something because they've seen it on hotukdeals?



Just bought three of these:




15% off everything on ebay today appaz


Just got two of these (and a £2 doughnut as it is cheaper than p&p)

Seven Oh

Looks like it doesn’t include a sheet to go over the top and that the sticks along the floor at the entrance bit will get snagged out of the connector pieces when you’re crawling in/out of it.

Ahm oot.


Yeah you use your own sheet. I am hoping it will be fun. £20 gamble and everybody seems to say it is pretty good.


:tent: :crossed_fingers: :tent:


Trying to work out if it’s worth the hassle of getting this (they won’t deliver to where I am so I’d have to get it sent it to in laws and pick it up from them)

(just fyi)


There’s a deal up at the moment that results in you getting a debit card with £35 on it for an outlay of £9.25:

Bit of a faff, but for fifteen minutes of work it’s worth a go.


Actual useful offer here :


Shit sorry - wrong link. meant to post this


Why would anyone need this


i can think of 300 reasons :yum:


Nearly bought one of these

What is wrong with me, it even looks shit


Not really sure what that is but a bargain is a bargain so I have picked up two.


wtf is that


Sort of like a nespresso machine for lager


Think it’s for rescuing tiny thai children from caves


I got this yesterday:

Mainly because of this description (forget the misspelling of bass):

If you like the colourful wormhole parts of Kubrick’s 2001: A space odyssey and you like dark drum and base, you’ll enjoy this game

(not played it yet)


Top game, that. The music done is by one of the fellas from Lightning Bolt.