Anyone ever bought something because they've seen it on hotukdeals?



Will give it a go tonight but think it will come into its own when stoned off my box.


Will this only work with Budweiser or can I chill other drinks in it?

They are a witty lot on hukd, not just bargain hunters


Yeah those are the optimal playing conditions for sure.


These are really bad. You will have to leave an ~2pt keg for several hours for it to settle. Unless you’re by yourself and only having 2 or 3 it’s totally pointless



Sybian, more like.



FAO @chris-budget


How did you get on with that play den thing?


Yeah it was alright. But saying that we have only used it once! Will hopefully use it in the garden more next summer.



Good price! Like added.


Hellloooo? Free paper clip???!! Ordered 8.


you can also use the back of an earring, hot tip from a flight attendant on wow air


This comment really tickled me

Theyve ruined the true meaning of black Friday! :rofl:


No respect for our time honoured traditions


this is completely mental


Fantastic stuff


A big Mac without the components that make it a big Mac. Lovely.


Absolutely depraved behaviour.


My daily browse of hukd is the highlight of my day at the moment, need a new job.




I know dis has its moments, but other places on the Internet are really bloody weird aren’t they