Anyone ever bought something because they've seen it on hotukdeals?

mr pn LIVES for that Quidco shit. I do not.

What’s that Lonzy, I was just jizzing over my Quidco fortune?


how much have you earned? we’ve earned £913. jesus fuck.

please can someone go to iceland and buy me this (i’ll click and collect, you hold onto it until i can nip round and pick it up)

We usually have one of those on the go. If I was near an Iceland I would buy a couple.

Mate you’re in a hell of a HUKD k-hole right now.

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I guess I just don’t trust it. Even the URL sounds scammy.

Am sure I’m missing out, but hey.


i went to sign up for a new gym last night and there’s a £10 joining fee and when I was going through it there was a bit for ‘use promo code’ so i thought ooh cool, i’ll scan hotukdeals, grab a code and then off i go. so spent a while looking but couldn’t find any that worked for this month.but now i don’t want to sign up without getting a fucking code because i’ll feel like i’m getting done out of a tenner.

good story. cheers.

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ccb, have you seen this?


i don’t buy anything any more before checking HUKD / other places for a better deal

what is my life

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No. But I have put my name forward for DiS Secret Santa. Just saying, folks.


Exactly what I was thinking :blush:

is that Red dwarf lego???


Ah I just checked and it’s not available yet! But it has been approved:

It’s a start at the very least!

*gained support.

Also: “Maximun”??

Good one gang, you have broken HUKD

What the hell are these things? HUD and Quidico?! I want a piece of the action, next stop google!

don’t bother, this thread has so much traffic their way already it’s crashed