Anyone ever bought something because they've seen it on hotukdeals?



Got two pairs for £15 turning up soon


tell us about a bad day


I got woken at 5.00am by an incorrectly set alarm, it’s pissing down outside, the boiler’s broken and my genitals stink etc

Is that the sort of thing you are after?


i never say no to hearing about someone’s stinking genital, so yes thank-you


update: I have still not bought anything from hotukdeals.


Get yourself some specs you four eyed bastard.


I’m actually going to buy one of these!!!


do i need one of these???

doesn’t matter it’s out of stock


Show me someone who doesn’t need a 4.6L kitchen machine!


Wait until it gets to a minimum of 350.

(no, you would hate yourself for not having a kitchenaid)


Ooft you’re in deep now pal. So green on January 6th.


Rucksack is still the only thing i’ve bought from HUKD


May I interest you in a mini incinerator for all your post-murder clothes burning needs?


The upsetting thing is that I had already seen that…


HUKD is your homepage isn’t it.


Went in for a broadband deal from the MSE email this morning. BOOM!

Nothing dece on HUKD at the moment. Didn’t even help when I had to buy my mega appliances last week! Wankers.


Have you seen the Decathers Brompton knock-off?


Err hello, you could have a free episode of Alan Partridge to keep forever!



Someone said the reviews weren’t great, didn’t they.

Not interested tbh but I won’t deny that it is a Hot UK Deal.


Just add some heat and move along then