Anyone ever bought something because they've seen it on hotukdeals?





Are you Chanchi32???


@bugduv get in here

i bet that thing stinks


WOAH I need to get to a B&M (what is a B&M?)


there’s a B&M near my new flat and I have never been into one


Well he has to fill up his empty, social-media-free life somehow.


There’s actually a store called B&M? It used to just be used to refer to high street stores, standing for ‘Bricks and Mortar’.


Poached egg on a subway sounds grim.

Never had any form of breakfast from there though.


They’re quite good for ‘house stuff’. Cleaning products, tea towels and that.


Theo I do not like your new avatar.


same, at least add some contrast to it ffs




When did Lister ever play a Flying V? What an utter disgrace.


Don’t be so crypto-fascist.




That is a fantastic example photo. Bit suspicious that you’ve posted that deal this quickly. You’re NeoTrix aren’t you!


If it would have been on a week earlier I would 100% have got one for my wife with my grill slap bang in the middle.


holy fuck Balonz is a mod on HUKD!


I’m very tempted I have to say.


i’m not even on hotukdealsbook