Anyone ever bought something because they've seen it on hotukdeals?



I have done it. Got the big one. Although I went for a family shot but one where it looks like I am about to bite my son’s face off.


definitely gonna get one later


I hope you proudly fly it from your washing line after a future wash.


Gonna use this photo:


I found a code on hotukdeals which got me another 15% off my coat the other day. That said I’m probably going to take the coat back and if I freeze, I freeze.

hotukdeals does have a real dodgy sound to it


Might get one of those too (on the smaller blanket though)


I like it when they show you how to get an NUS card even if you’re not a student. Got loads of shit with that - half price Spotify, half price Amazon Prime, free cheeseburgers/nuggets in Maccy Ds, 10% off in several high street retailers. All for an initial outlay of £10! Definitely one of the hottest deals in UK history.


The free cheeseburgers is The One.


Not for cows


This went down a storm with the whole family. Going to be great getting it out when my son is older in front of his mates.




So ruddy bloody meta.


This seems a bit low-brow for the 'Trose but I’m picking it up regardless.


The “your TV has gone out for the night” meal deal


She’s at Zumba :smile:


you’re all weird johnnie walker whiskey snobs here aren’t you?

this is good

never had gold label, anyone??


what the FUCK


What a time to be alive.


bloody hell, waitrose went #lad


please let me off this planet