Anyone ever bought something because they've seen it on hotukdeals?



Have you seen the Converse wah wah shoes?


gonna just try and pretend i didn’t even read this post


Here’s a video of J Mascis using one. You’re welcome.


for christ’s sake

as if i needed more reasons not to like dino jr




:rotating_light: :rotating_light: :rotating_light:



What is this website? I’m confused!

(hotdealsuk not dis, i worked that one out a while ago)


you don’t know what HUKD is???


It is a UK-based website that posts lukewarm bargains.


I thought it was like a crap website where you go and get vouchers for online shops??


Will she be joining you in the HotUKD HotTug?


People post links to deals they’ve found on the internet / details of “deals” in real shops.

Like Epoomer says, mostly it’s full of lukewarm stuff but once in a while you’ll fine a genuine barg through it.


I should not have come into this thread.

I love a barg.


I quite enjoy the “home” section.


you can search on it too so if youre in the market for something can see if a deal has been recently n that.


One piece of advice, never, ever, read the comments under any deal. Reddit levels of sexism.


oh theres sections…


oh aye