Anyone ever bought something because they've seen it on hotukdeals?



Hmmm, not because I was on there and saw something but maybe I’ve found a deal on there whilst double checking for voucher codes or something before making a purchase.

I try not to look at sites like that just as a browsing activity as they encourage me to spend money!


put it this way mate, once in a while, if you can avoid looking at the awful, awful community posts (heh) on HUKD, you might end up with around 80 500ml peronis in your kitchen cupboard/dotted annoyingly throughout your house for about a fifth of the price. What’s not to love?


@Balonz - any new purchases?


I feel as though there was something (small) but I just checked my bank account and can’t see what it was… oh might have been a dozen packets of baby wipes for a fiver.


One for the bike wankers.


These pictures of B&j’s aren’t on, are they?



Never had wholly couch before.


No. I had the birthday cake one the other day and it was fucking rank.


Sounds grim. What’s in it?


Ah! @witches


Look, you don’t know until you try: Vanilla Cake Batter Ice Cream with Pink Frosting, Strawberry Swirls & Cake Pieces.


Fucking hell m9. Frozen cake pieces :grimacing:


feel a bit sick just reading that




I went to get some* yesterday and they were sold out :frowning:

*I actually went for other stuff, but they were my main factor in megoing to the German supermarket.

Hmm, that article says available from today. There was a sign up for them though, might explain why there weren’t any though…


i got a wireless charger for my phone the other day because i got a notification about it from HUKD and it was only £10. s’alright i guess.


Well into the idea of making fries even worse for you.


Ok so I have made a few purchases from here recently:


weird, I was just browsing this website


If you have incredibly tiny feet those Joules shoes are a bargain.