Anyone ever bought something because they've seen it on hotukdeals?



Am checking this daily for any Switch deals.


Yeah I have a link straight to the Switch page so I can spend more money on games that I won’t play.

One tip though, is that they sometimes don’t capture all the Switch deals on there…

It is Amazon day or whatever on July 12th or 16th or some day and I imagine you will get something good then.




Ooft Prime Day isn’t it, will keep my eyes peeled.


Yeah I got mine on Black Friday I think and although I can’t remember what the deal was, it was pretty good.

Just looked and it was £280 with Super Mazza.


That’s deece that. All I really want is the Switch and Breath of the Wild and I think I’ll probably never read a book in bed ever again or sleep for that matter.


ah we adding an extra e to dece now?


Yeah if I had my time again and someone said I had to pay £280 and I could only play BoTW I am pretty sure I would go for it.


Don’t do this to me man… hnnnggghhhhh


Have been for some time friend.


i would like to formally request that you stop.


Nobody has ever spelt it with one e you mad bastard!


it doesn’t make sense to add the e. it’s an abbreviation. adding the e would make it sound like deece


Well, how fucking rude of me. I’ve taken a year and a half to reply.

Assuming you’re still interested I’ve earned £415.25. I bet your total is even higher now.




Saw that but had bought a size 4 mitre just last week.

Nothing more fun than my son declaring that he is the goalie, trying to do drop kicks and having to wade into the bushes to retrieve every time.


Ha! The kids next door are always hoofing their football into our garden so I might get this just for balance.


July 16th.

Filthy evil bastards.


Anyone near a ‘majestic wine’ shop want a code for a 4 pack of punk ipa? (Must be used today)